How to (really) wear a mask

Here's a quick step-by-step on how to wear the Work Flow FDA-approved, 3-PLY mask.

  • Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before putting on your face mask. Be sure to not touch the white side.
  • Make sure your mask has the blue side facing outward and the white side toward your face.
  • Locate the thick piece at the top of your mask. This is our adjustable nose piece.
  • Grab each ear loop and loop them around each of your ears.
  • Adjust the nose piece to the form of your nose.
  • Holding your nose piece in place, pull the bottom part of the mask past your chin, making sure it is covering your nose, mouth, and chin.

How to ensure your glasses don't fog up:

This awesome hack should make your life a little easier when you are wearing a mask and glasses at the same time!


Make sure to CLEAN your glasses before putting them on. You can use lens cleaner or soap and water. If your hands, mask, and face are clean, your glasses should be too!


According to a study in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, washing your glasses with soapy water right before wearing them will reduce fogging.

"Wash the spectacles with soapy water and shake off the excess. Then, let the spectacles air dry or gently dry off the lenses with a soft tissue before putting them back on."

The soapy film will prevent your glasses from fogging up for up to a few hours.

Hack for increasing quality of your 3-PLY to perform like an N95:

To reduce exposure while wearing a 3-PLY mask, a few ex-Apple mechanical engineers came together and created the DIY Surgical Mask Brace with the trending hashtag #FixTheMask. Using just 3 rubber bands you can make your surgical mask as effective as the N95! 

Can I reuse a 3-PLY mask?

3-PLY masks are not intended to be used more than once