Five things to make your office feel more like home

We were at home for months, adjusting to using a laptop instead of a desktop, finding room on the dining room table to make a new desk, trying to find the home-work balance when all of a sudden they became ingrained into one. Some of us are happy to be back in the office full time. Others miss the comfort of being at home instead of work, being able to multitask with household chores and wearing pajamas all day. If you’re one of these people, we have five ways you can make the adjustment from home back to work a little bit easier.

  • Buy comfy dress clothes
  • We all LOVED staying in our pajamas all day only changing for the occasional meeting and even then just throwing on the nice shirt. I get it, comfort is key. Comfort is also something you don’t have to give up just because you’re going back to work. There are all kinds of comfortable work clothes out there that look nice and feel just like leggings or yoga pants. There are companies like Beta Brand that are doing just that, or just keep it simple and wear a t-shirt dress. Fun and comfortable.

  • Wear/Bring PPE
  • If it’s the safety of being in your own home that you miss, we get it. It’s scary out there. If you don’t feel comfortable coming back in, talk to your boss and work something out. If you’re just a little bit hesitant, make sure you bring your own masks, hand sanitizer and wipes. Also, it might be a good idea to talk to your company’s leadership about the measures they’re taking to keep everyone safe. If you need a little inspiration to keep people clean, check out what we’re doing to remind our employees to keep a safe and healthy workspace. 

  • Bring a seat cushion or a blanket
  • Working from the couch or from a bed was so NICE. Am I right? Well, that’s all over. But, the comfort of sitting on your couch or bed while working doesn’t have to be. We recommend bringing a nice cushion to soften that rough work chair so you don’t have to choose between comfort and the office. Or, if your office is notoriously below freezing, bring a blanket. We don’t see anything wrong with chilling at your desk with a nice, fluffy blanket on your legs. Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable and cozy. If you are struggling to find a comfy cushion for your chair, check out this Amazon bestseller seat cushion! It has over 20,000 reviews and is very affordable. 

  • Bring headphones
  • Did you get really into a podcast or finally curate the perfect playlist to get you through your tasks and keep you focused and entertained all day? Well, that doesn’t have to go away. Bring headphones with you to keep yourself just as focused and entertained at work. I would say just play whatever you want out loud but you should respect your coworkers’ right to silence. If you constantly have people walking in and wanting to talk to you, only use one headphone so you can hear them when they start a conversation. You’ll want to keep yourself from constantly saying “Huh?.” You’ll definitely get annoyed. 

  • Tampons and Pads!!!
  • We love the ease and comfort of working from home because if shark week does come early or unexpectedly, then we can just run 5 ft. to our bathroom and it’s taken care of. That comfort shouldn’t have to go away just because we’re going back to work. This one should go without saying, but your office should DEFINITELY be stocking menstrual products in the bathrooms! If your office isn’t stocking menstrual products, check out this article on how to get your bathrooms stocked with Aunt Flow tampons and pads. After all, toilet paper is offered for free, why aren’t tampons and pads?®


    By: Ally Williams