5 Alternatives to High Fives!!


As businesses and companies begin to open and we return to going out and seeing others we’d like to think we can return right back to the way things were before. But, we can’t do that!! You can’t hug your friend that comes to visit or that relative you haven’t seen in a while. You can’t even high five your friends when you see something cool. It’s even worse for kids who thrive off physical interaction and live for high fives. So what do we do? How can we express our excitement to others without putting ourselves at risk? How do we teach our children this new way of interacting with their friends?

Well, I know it’s not exactly the same but I have compiled five alternatives you can use to share all of these emotions without giving a high five.

1. Elbows



You may have already seen people staring to do this but an elbow bump is my first alternative to a high five. It still exhibits the same level of excitement and community that a high five does without putting you at risk for all of the germs that are carried on hands. This method is also easy to teach to children! The only warning with this one is make sure you sanitize your elbow after if you aren’t wearing sleeves!

2. Hang Loose



Yep, we’re bringing this back. This replacement to a high five is perfect if you want to keep your distance but you absolutely have to express your excitement. Say you make that big sale at work or finish the project you’ve been working on for months, just flash the hang loose symbol to your coworker across the room and they’ll be able to feel that excitement right along with you. 

3. Self Five



If affirmation is what you’re after, simply give yourself the high five. This alternative avoids any and all threat to social distancing. You can do this one from the comfort of your home or in your car. Sometimes affirming yourself is all you need. In this new age of heightened safety and security, some things are best done by yourself. 

4. Jazz Hands



 Add a little flavor to your high five by using the alternative of jazz hands. This alternative is perfect for a greeting or to express any exciting thing that happens throughout your week. Kids will love this one as well. Jazz hands allow them to express excitement to their friends from afar while also expelling energy. 

5. Wave



Or, you could simply go with the wave. This one is great because we already use it so much and it is easy to use with children. This alternative represents the excitement of the high five and has the ease of using your hand but also allows you to maintain social distance. Next time you see something cool or your child completes a new project, instead of initiating a high five, throw up a wave from across the room.

The one important thing to remember is whether you choose to use the wave, jazz hands, self-five or any other alternative, always wear a mask and sanitize your hands when going out in public. Check out our masks and sanitizers available now.


By: Ally Williams